Thursday, April 4, 2013

Watch Smiley Movie Streaming Online

Smiley (2012) Movie HD Streaming Online

Watch Smiley Movie Streaming Online
Title : Smiley

Run Time : 90 min 

Category : Horror

Stars : Caitlin Gerard, Melanie Papalia, Shane Dawson

Director : Michael J. Gallagher

Synopsis : After discovering an urban legend of a demented serial killer, who has nothing but a carved ‘smiley’ on his face, a mentally fragile teen must decide whether she is going insane – or will be the next victim.

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Movie Review : After watching the trailer and hearing about the cast i had high hopes for this movie. I was excited and couldn't wait, but who knew what kind of disappointment awaited me, after watching the first five minutes you cold clearly see that casting a bunch of untrained Youtube stars wasn't a good choice. Unfourtunally the forced tension couldn't make up for it, the script didn't deliver anything interesting and the obvious twists were pretty easy to predict. Smiley himself had like five minutes of screen time which was even more disappointing and the gore moments were just silly which made them actually hard to watch. This movie lives from the online communities it exploits to help hype the film.

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